When handling your injury case, you may not require a personal injury attorney. However, you’ve got to consult with an accident lawyer before you choose how to proceed with the case.  

For those who don’t know, a personal injury lawyer can help explain your legal rights and review your claim. He/she can answer your inquiries. They can also offer details that you can utilize to choose how to proceed.  

You may proceed without a lawyer, depending on what you learn during your first consultation. Else, you might find that a personal injury lawyer is very helpful. 

If you’re hesitating to hire a Cambridge lawyer personal injury, here are several reasons that can help you consider properly: 

The Other Party or the Insurance Company Alleges That You Contributed to the Accident 

One popular strategy that an insurance company uses is to blame the victim for the accident. For instance, the insurance company may say that you’re texting while walking and this contributed to the accident.  

Since you weren’t paying attention, a bit of blame will be put on you. Your compensation can be lowered if you contributed to the cause of the injury.  

If the other party or the insurance provider claims that you contributed to the accident, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer right away. You shouldn’t talk about the claim with any other person until you discuss it with an attorney.  

The Insurance Company Is Acting Suspicious 

To resolve a claim for personal injury, the other party’s insurance company needs to act in good faith. Unfortunately, a couple of insurance providers engage in bad faith insurance practices to prevent claim liability.  

There are a couple of bad faith practices in an insurance company. Some of them include: 

  • Utilizing overly aggressive methods to pressure you to accept an unjust settlement offer 
  • Altering the terms of the policy 
  • Denying to pay a valid claim 
  • Needed cumbersome and unnecessary documents 
  • Offering misleading details 
  • Causing unnecessary delays 
  • Failing to investigate a claim 

You can have an additional claim against the insurance provider if they’re acting in bad faith. This additional claim will not be the same as your personal injury claim. Typically, it’s in your best interest to discuss with an attorney before you talk about your injury or the accident with the insurance provider.  

You Obtained Serious Injuries 

There are a lot of reasons why cases involving serious injuries are more complex.  

The financial damages are higher if a victim sustains a serious injury. Documenting these damages carefully can help you guarantee that you obtain reimbursement for your medical bills, income, and other financial obligations from a medical malpractice claim, construction accident, or car accident.  

Serious injuries can lead to permanent disabilities. This includes brain damage, amputations, and spinal cord injuries.  

lawyer fights for compensation for permanent disabilities and impairments. This includes damages caused by the condition in the future. Professional witnesses may be required to prove that the accident caused permanent disability. They will also help calculate the future damage’s value.  

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