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Stay on top of the latest MICU news via e-mail. Be the first to hear about promotions, credit union news, and updates—no need to wait for letters or phone calls!

Sign up for e-news today, and we’ll enter your name in a drawing for a Kindle or iPad. We’ll be giving away one Kindle or one iPad monthly in May, June, July, and August, so sign up by May 29, June 26, July 30, and August 28, 2014 to be entered in the next month’s drawing.

When you sign up, you can also opt in for e-statements.

Sign up on our Contact Us page by checking the “Sign me up for e-news” and “Sign me up for e-statements” boxes.

You’ll also need to submit the buck slip we mailed to you by mail, fax, or e-mail (just scan and e-mail the form to us).

Take Advantage Of Convenient E-Statements!

E-statements are here! E-statements are efficient and convenient, allowing you to quickly access and print your statements, rather than waiting for them to arrive in the mail. You can also view images of your checks. Plus, e-statements are another way for MICU to go green and stay at the forefront of technology.

Contact us to register for e-statements today.

Sample e-statement PDF

Bill Pay

Convenient Money Management. Pay bills anytime, anywhere. Set up recurring payments to avoid late payments. It's just one more way MICU's online services make money management more convenient.

To sign up for Bill Pay, you must have a Checking (Share Draft) account and be enrolled in Online Banking. Give us a call at 800 393-3833 to enroll in Bill Pay.

If you're not enrolled in Online Banking, or you don't have a Checking account with us, give us a call, and we'll set you up with what you need.

Trust Accounts

Even if you have a will, your estate could go through a long, complex probate process before it's settled. A living trust can help your heirs avoid unnecessary delays. Once you're started your trust, keep it safe at Musicians' Interguild Credit Union.

Cashier's checks

We offer cashier's checks at a cost of $5 each, a fraction of what banks charge.

Credit Life / Credit Disability Insurance*

Could you pay your bills if an injury or illness left you unable to work for an extended period? If you die, would your family be able to pay off your loans? Credit Life / Credit Disability insurance prevents potential financial hardship by paying off your loans when you can't protect yourself and your family by purchasing low-cost coverage for your MICU loan.

*Credit Life / Credit Disability insurance may not cover an advance or charge from your credit line if death or disability results from a condition for which you have been treated by a doctor within the six months preceding the advance or charge.

Direct deposit

Each payday, your net pay will be electronically posted to your MICU account. Instead of a paycheck, you'll receive a receipt verifying that your money is already where you want it to be - at your credit union! For Americans who enroll for federal government benefits, funds will be deposited directly through Go Direct.

Payroll deduction

You can designate any portion of your paycheck you wish and have it taken off the top and send to your MICU account. You can distribute it among savings, checking or loans. On payday, you'll receive a check for the balance of your pay.

Incoming / Outgoing wire transfers

You can receive incoming wires or you can transfer wires from your MICU account, our member service representatives will be glad to help you.

Money Orders

Travelers Cheques

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You will need to have this program installed on your system before you can view our documentation.

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