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There's a lot of talk about tight money. Banks have "bailout money" but they don't want to make loans. If you are looking for help with your finances and a loan looks like a good way to help stabilize your living situation, we have six words for you:


Unlike other banks, Musicians' Interguild Credit Union has cash to loan to its membership right now! MICU wants to be a part of your solution, and planning NOW for the unknown future should be a number one priority. Other banks depend on credit from bigger banks and deposits in savings accounts for everyday operations, without it, they're in dire financial straits. We don't depend on credit from any other banks. Our financial base is you, the membership. Your deposits in MICU are safe and secure because we back up our depositors with a double layer of insurance, up to $250,000 per account. Your money, your buddy's money, your neighbors, each and every member supports every other member, and in turn, everyone is more financially secure. Each time you make a deposit to your savings, share account, or pay low interest on one of our many loans, your money stays here. We loan that cash to members who need loans now against an unsure future. If this is you, check out the many ways we can help NOW for what may happen tomorrow. Here are a few loan options to consider if you need cash now or in the near future for any reason. Remember, you will pay a lower rate here than anywhere!

  • Share Secured Loans
  • Signature Loans
  • Line of Credit
  • 1st & 2nd Trust Deed
  • New/Used Auto, Boat, RV, and, unique to MICU, Instrument Loans

So you see, if you are considering getting a loan, let MICU help you and in turn, you help us-ALL of us-pull through the crises of everyday life. The strength of MICU is in its membership. Help us help you!


A program that rewards you for using your MICU-issued debit/ATM.


  • Airline flights
  • Merchandise
  • Car Rentals
  • Music Downloads
  • Gift Cards
  • Restaurants
  • Donate to charity

For more information or to redeem points, call 877-266-7636


The Encore Share Draft checking account puts your money in the lead role. When you open an Encore account you get a FREE first order of checks, increased savings rates and access to discounted loan rates. All you need to do is maintain a minimum balance of $500. As with all our MICU checking accounts, you’ll also get a FREE ATM/debit card. And remember, you can make surcharge-free withdrawals at nearly all of the 13,686 CO-OP Network ATMs in 49 states. More than one-quarter also accept deposits. To find the nearest CO-OP Network ATM location, call (888) 748-3266 or visit the CO-OP Network web site. Open an Encore share draft (checking) account and maintain a $500 balance and receive the following:

  • As with all MICU share draft accounts, ATM/Debit Card is free
  • First order of checks free
  • .10% Dividend rate increase in existing or subsequent share certificate
  • .25% Interest rate discount on subsequent loans

Contact the credit union for details about getting an Encore Share Draft account. Certain restrictions apply

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